About Us

Aristocrat London is a British fashion brand led by an innovative and ethical ethos designed from the imaginative mind of FOUNDER – MAC RAI, all the clothing is ethically manufactured from 100% organic cotton.

Aristocrat London is housed in former worsted weaving mill in the heart of Farsley, West Yorkshire, encompassing our showroom, design studios, photography studios, print studios, offices and warehouses.  With a considerable on keeping processes in-house, we have created a well-respected label.

The ethos behind the brand is to offer quality designed garments at a modest price point.  Each collection is made to be accessible both in affordability, wear-ability and sustainability. Mac Rai experience in the clothing industry stretches back across two decades, following extensive work with niche brands which are sold in prestigious fashion houses such as Harvey Nichols, Flannels and Selfridges.

Aristocrat London would like to invite some retailers and brand designers to follow and to respond to some of these organic and vegan clothing with pioneering materials, approaches, and techniques – extending this conversation into the near and distant futures, as to connecting and converting our fashion sense to vegan and to a 100% organic cotton.

The name:


We take the name from the Royals and Aristocrats from around the world which exudes luxury and style with sophistication associated with the title.